Campaign Development

When it comes to creating an IM campaign,
it can be confusing …

Should you use a push strategy?

Should you use a pull strategy or should you use both?


Our five-step development process, combined with our checklist approach to managing that process, results in a comprehensive and complete IM campaign:

  1. Focus on the customer – put the customer at the center of all messaging
  2. Define the campaign goal(s) – lead generation? web traffic? brand awareness?
  3. Highly target your message – base the message on your goals
  4. Highly target your segment – fine-tune the message
  5. Create the right multi-channel mix – the right message to the right segment using the right medium


Let MPM Marketing help you build an "IM Successful" Campaign for your small business! 

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MPM provides Marketing, Printing and Mailing services all in one location. We build the right strategy, with the right implementation with the right measurement tools ensuring our clients get the direct response they are looking to achieve.

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