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Making sure it is not only done on time ... but done right! 

Have you ever heard that saying ...
How come there is never enough time to do it right but always enough time to do it over ... Not at MPM!

At MPM Mailing, we use the most effective and efficient processes to ensure that your job gets done correctly and out on time. Our ability to produce more than a million pieces of mail per day allows us to have a USPS clerk on site, which expedites the processing and distribution of your mail.

MPM’s secure facility is both HIPAA compliant and FISMA Compliant in accordance with Federal Information Security Management Act and we have personnel with both 5C and 6C federal clearances. This allows us to handle personal information for both local and federal government agencies, as well as content for the healthcare industry.

At MPM, we have a variety of machinery that can run independently or inline, providing options for the best possible level of efficiency. We also have state-of-the-art inserting machinery equipped with camera systems, allowing us to provide “100 percent mailings.”

When it comes to getting our customers the best possible postal rates, MPM is able to analyze your data and offer presort solutions and/or options such as drop shipments and comingling. We are able to comingle both presorted bulk mailings and presorted first class mailings.

Let MPM Mailing handle your next project! 


About MPM

MPM provides Marketing, Printing and Mailing services all in one location. We build the right strategy, with the right implementation with the right measurement tools ensuring our clients get the direct response they are looking to achieve.

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